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What is Laser Therapy?

Omega Laser Therapy

Laser therapy employs low power or ‘soft’ laser light to aid the natural healing process of the body safely and effectively. It has been used for over 30 years and is widely available in medical field for treatment of pain, wound healing and musculoskeletal conditions.

Laser therapy achieves improved outcomes in the treatment of plantar fasciltis, tendonitis, post nail avulsion, neuropathic and phantom pain, diabetic ulcerstion, rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis, joints, chronic oedema, warts and verrucae.

Low level lasers should not be confused with surgical lasers which are a different classification of laser. Low level leaser therapy cannot burn or harm the skin. It’s effects are photo-biochemical, not thermal. In addition to their direct healing applications, low level lasers also provide an alternative needle-free acupuncture medium.

How does it work?

The physiological effects of laser therapy have been extensively researched and the details of the mechanisms are increasingly becoming understood. Particular wavelengths of light stimulate the body’s healing cells. Initial absorption by the mitochondria leads to increased fibroblast cell proliferation and migration, with modulation of cyrokine levels, growth factors, inflammatory mediators and increased tissue oxygenation - all part of the natural healing process.

Verrucae resolution before and after 3 and 4 weeks using laser therapy.

In addition to the local cellular effects, research on low level laser therapy has demonstrated both enhanced levels of endorphin release, and the suppression of pain messages previously sent to the brain.

Combining these effects with those from its use in stimulating acupuncture and ‘trigger’ points, low level laser is an excellent therapy for treating pain.

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Treatment is quick, pain-free, easy to apply and effective. Appropriate probes are placed on the skin at particular points on or relating to the damaged area and light, which is controlled for wavelength, power, pulsing rate and duration passes into the tissue.

Depending upon the condition to be treated, each clinic appointment will take between 5 and 15 minutes, once or twice per week. The patient will feel nothing at the point of application, but many report a wonderful relaxed feeling.

The first step to booking your laser therapy treatment is to contact us to discuss your condition and to book a consultation. You can do this by telephone on 01947 820319