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Ingrowing toenails

What are they?

Ingrowing toe nails are when the nail plate becomes very misshapen so the nail can look flat when looking from above but the shoulders of the nail (the side bits) can be very rounded and sharp travelling quite a long way down into the surrounding flesh.

Why does this happen?

Are they painful?

Absolutely! especially when a bacterial infection is present. They can make for a miserable life if they go on for a while.

What can I do if I have an ingrowing toe nail?

If you have got to the point where it is bothering you, then a visit to us in clinic is the best option. As Podiatrists we are able to work out why you have the problem in the first place and if conservative podiatry treatments will help you resolve the problem? Getting treatment quickly is key to resolution here.

If the nail is repetitively getting infections and failing to resolve conservatively then there is the option of having a partial nail removal (the edges of the nail) or total removal of a nail is necessary through nail surgery.

It does sound a bit frightening but the procedure itself is painless as it is carried out under local anaesthetic by ourselves. Sometimes just removing the side of a nail is enough to stop the problem but in severe long-term cases, you are simply just better off without the nail. A chemical is applied to the nail bed and this prevents the nail from re-growing. If the nail is removed without the chemical application to the nail bed then it will grow back again and the shape of the nail is likely to be worse than the one that has been removed! Podiatrists never perform this option.

Not one of our nail surgery patients have ever regretted choosing nail removal.

Stages of an ingrowing toenail

How can I prevent ingrowing toenails?

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