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Foot Mobilisation Therapy

Foot Mobilisation Technique is derived from foot manipulative therapy which is widely used by physiotherapy, chiropractic, and osteopathy practitioners. This is a new treatment within Podiatry and very few clinics are practicing FMT in the UK currently.

What is Foot Mobilisation Therapy?

Joint mobilisation involves passive movement of your foot and ankle joints, along with soft tissue mobilisation, the aim is to achieve a therapeutic effect of movement without pain. There are generally five grades of pressure applied, as deemed appropriate by the practitioner, to achieve optimum mobilisation which can be practiced over a number of treatments or resolved with one treatment only.


Pain is the most common and overriding symptom if you are in need of a Foot Mobilisation treatment. Sometimes pain in the foot can occur after a trauma i.e. ankle sprain which should have healed overtime but hasn’t. Pain can vary from sharp acute indescribable for a short period to a dull aching sensation that causes irritation due to its long duration. Muscles and ligaments, after an injury can go into a “guarding” mode, which protects the joint whilst healing but can often forget to “switch off” when no longer needed, resulting in a joint with restricted movement and therefore requesting the surrounding joints to take up the slack and consequently overwork, with pain.

What Type of conditions can it help with?

Treatment and what to expect

Treatment can often be conducted in the 30 mins appointment time allocated but if it is the first consultation it may take another appointment to complete the treatment plan.

It is a very gentle hands on treatment regime that corrects maligned joints to optimise a functioning foot and ankle.

The treatment involves directed tests that help assess and aim to restore individual joint movement within the foot as well as restoring functional mechanistic relationship between varied joints.

Other factors including biomechanical, anatomical faults and general medical complaints will be factored into the treatment plan as it may require a more holistic approach to the problem presenting to the practitioner.

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