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Operational Changes due to COVID-19

Update to Operational Changes due to COVID-19

1st June 2020

The governing body for Podiatrists, the College of Podiatry, has issued a traffic light guidance system for which patients we can and cannot treat during the various phases of lockdown and social distancing.

As of Monday 1st June 2020, we at Lindsey Ebbs Podiatry have been informed that we can now treat patients that fall into the green category. The traffic light system has the following general categories, to which a full a version can be found here: COVID-19 traffic light system.

Please note if you have COVID-19 like symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who at the time, or has since developed, COVID-19 symptoms then you will not be able to be seen regardless of where you fall within the traffic light system. Those who are in 14-day self-isolation or quarantine from returning from abroad will not be able to be seen until after that period expires.

If you currently fall into any of these situations and suffer a foot emergency please call 111, or 999 depending on the severity, as we are still not allowed to treat patients who present COVID-19 like symptoms.

Since the 24th March 2020 we have been unable to treat patients that fall into this category. Due to this, there is a significant backlog of patient’s requirement treatment. In order to best manage this transitional phase, we will be contacting patients on a weekly basis to book them in. You do not need to contact the clinic during this time unless you have been instructed otherwise or are in an emergency.

The reasoning for doing this on a weekly rolling basis is that at any time our guidance may change and we can be subject to restrictions being put back in place. In doing this on a weekly basis we mitigate the amount of disruption to both yourselves and our clinic.

We are taking this opportunity to confirm to our patients that just because the restrictions of who we can treat are being relaxed this does not mean that we are relaxing the high standards of PPE, cleaning and general protections within our clinic. This is to protect both you and us.

Unfortunately, we are having to introduce a £3 COVID-19 surcharge to cover the additional costs for our PPE, your PPE and the extra use of cleaning products in between patients. Presently, whilst we are receiving Government support, we are able to offset the costs of our time from moving from half-hourly appointments to hourly appointments, therefore there is no additional charge to the patient for this.

Your appointment with us will align with the following points:

  • We will contact you on the week of, or the week before, your appointment to review the need for your appointment and to re-establish that you are symptom free.
  • Each half-hour appointment will be carried out within a one-hour slot. This is to allow for increased cleaning to be carried out in between patients, and to ensure there is never more than one patient in the building at a time.
  • Please show up on time for your appointment as if you are late, we may not be able to treat you.
  • Come alone if you can, unless you require a carer to accompany you or are under 16. This is to reduce the number of persons within the clinic and therefore reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Please wait in your car or outside the building until we come out to collect you. This ensures there is no accidental cross-over of patients. The waiting room facility is not available at this time.
  • Please bring the bare minimum with you to the clinic and leave any items such as additional layers of clothing or bags within your car or at home. At this point the toilet facilities are not available to patients and you should go at home before your appointment.
  • Prior to entering the building, we will take your temperature. If this this is higher than 37.8 degrees Celsius you will not be able to seen as this is a COVID-19 symptom.
  • If your temperature is within the normal range, we will provide you with a fluid resistant mask that you are to put on prior to entering the building and then is to remain on at all times within the building until you have exited and are in the carpark.
  • Immediately upon entering the building you will be required to wash your hands within the facilities provided. Upon finishing washing your hands you will be provided with gloves to wear for the remainder of your time within the building.
  • It is important to touch as little as possible when in the building, especially your face. Patients will have doors opened for them and should avoid leaning up against walls or worksurfaces.
  • During the appointment, time spent with the patient will be kept to a minimum and 2 metres separation from the patient (especially their face) will be observed as often as is practicable. Please observe the 2-metre social distancing rules when in other parts of the building.
  • There will be as few staff within clinic as possible, noting that both Lindsey and Sue may be required from some patients or procedures.
  • We have installed a medical standard air purifier into the clinic which has a 99.99% sterilisation rate for bacteria, viruses and pathogens that performs 15 cycles per hour.
  • We will be wearing increased PPE inclusive of disposable aprons & gloves that will be changed between patients, & face visors or goggles that are disinfected between patients and N99 medical masks that are disinfected at the end of each day.
  • Staff uniform and PPE will not be worn to and from work. Uniforms and shoes will be bagged and washed separately each day.
  • Payments that are over the contactless threshold will be made remotely via inputting the patients card details directly into the machine. This means only Lindsey will touch the card machine. Cash will not be accepted and electronic receipts can be provided.
  • In between patients there will be a full clean down of the clinic which is the equivalent of an end of day clean when practicing under normal guidelines. This will include wiping down of all surfaces, the clinic chair (including arm rests), door handles and steam cleaning the floor. All our cleaning products are within the recommended guidelines for removing COVID-19.

We are still operating our virtual clinic which is available to all patients. Appointments can be booked on the the following website: Virtual Clinic. This will remain available regardless of level of restrictions in place by the Government or the guidance on who we can physically treat by the College of Podiatry.

Nothing within this document should supersede the Government’s, Public Health England’s, and the World Health Organisation’s formal advice and measures. Anything contained within this document that is stricter than the official measures will either be due to implementing our governing bodies’ protocol or at our own discretion based against the high standards we hold ourselves accountable to.

We recognise this is fast changing situation and we’ll try to keep you updated with how we’re operating as quickly and regularly as possible. Please check back to our website regularly for any updates and if you are unsure on anything, make contact before coming into the clinic.

Thank you for your continued co-operation.

Stay safe,
Lindsey Ebbs Podiatry Whitby

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