We are experienced, problem solving Podiatrists, focused on fixing frustrating, painful foot and leg conditions, our successful treatments enable our amazing patients to be happy, active and pain-free.

What is podiatry?

Most of us suffer with painful feet at some time in our lives. Mobility and independence are essential to the quality of life and should not be considered a luxury. Unfortunately, for many, immobility is because of painful feet.

Our HCPC Registered Podiatrists are qualified to provide a wide range of treatments. These range from the very specialised, such as biomechanics and sports injuries, to more routine treatments and common ailments. If you require advice on :- Removal of callous and corns, nail management, verrucae, biomechanical assessment, provision of orthotics, sports injuries, joint mobilisation, physical therapies, footwear advice and modifications, advice on prevention of foot problems then contact us and we can assist you in alleviating such problems.

The Art of Educated Waffling

Lindsey has been featured on the Podiatry Legends Podcast! She talks about Covid and the changes needed to be made in business, writing like you're having a conversation, the evolution of her patient newsletter, and sharing her podiatry knowledge with other businesses.

Our treatments

Click for our Podiatry and Chiropodist treatments for dry skin and ingrowing toenails to diabetic footcare and injuries.

Our treatments

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy employs low power or ‘soft’ laser light to aid the natural healing process of the body safely and effectively.

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What is microwave therapy?

We use microwave energy, delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat infected tissue or skin lesions.

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Meet the team

Lindsey Ebbs

Bsc, Pod, Med, MChs MCPod

Lindsey qualified in 1988 from Durham School of Podiatry as a State Registered Chiropodist. She then returned to Durham in 1993 and additionally qualified with a BSc in Podiatric Medicine.


After working in a private practice in Guisborough and briefly for the NHS, Lindsey set her own practice up in 1989 at Mulgrave place, Whitby. Two years later Lindsey moved to Hunter Street and developed the Hunter Street Podiatry practice for 23 years before moving to the Green Lane Centre in 2013. During the first Lockdown in June 2020, she recognised due to the pandemic, that a practice move was necessary and relocated the clinic to its present Location at the Foothub on Byland Road.

She has also spent 8 years working at Egton GP practice and was their Inhouse Podiatrist. Lindsey has developed a wide spectrum of experience in all areas of Podiatry but prefers Muscular skeletal care. Helping patients with painful joints/muscles, recover their full potential of movement again and get them out of pain is Lindsey’s primary goal.

Lindsey set the practice up and wanted it to offer the best Podiatry treatment options in Whitby alongside the most up to date equipment, despite its geographical remoteness. The practice became recognised as a Royal college of Podiatry Accredited practice in March 2020, the only one in North Yorkshire

In March 2020 Lindsey and Suzanne, launched blisterhelp.co.uk, a website that provides specialist advice, knowledge and products to those who want to be active without blisters, including walkers, runners and the armed forces.

They both volunteer for the medical support team located at the finish of the London marathon, treating and fixing those poor soles that are in trouble!

Lindsey continues to write and champion local businesses for the Whitby guide and is now writing for travel companies in her capacity as a specialist podiatrist.

Out of the work environment, Lindsey has two sons that have left home and are successful engineers in the rail industry. She has rescued 12 dogs in the last 35 years and dog walking is a daily activity up on the moors before work. Lindsey swims for pleasure now ,rather than at the competitive level she used to be.

She recognises the importance of keeping moving and is able to relate to patients who would like to do the same

Suzanne Bedford

BSc(Hons) Pod Med MCPod

Suzanne qualified in 1999 with a BSC in Podiatric Medicine from the University of Salford. She then went on to work in Private Practice in Manchester for a few years before relocating with her family, to Whitby.


Sue worked In the NHS at Whitby Hospital for over 11 years. She briefly retired before joining Lindsey in private practice.

Suzanne has a wealth of Podiatry experience and has a special interest in wound healing. She absolutely loves nail surgery, in her eyes, this is such a great solution for the absolutely miserable, painful existence, that is in- growing toenails. She enjoys being part of the only private practice in Whitby that is qualified to offer nail surgery.

She like Lindsey, volunteers for the medial support team the at the finish line at the London marathon, fixing all those runners that are in trouble with their feet and legs.

Suzanne and Lindsey launched blisterhelp.co.uk in March 2020 to help with those people who suffer with blisters when participating in activities, including walkers, runners and the armed forces.

Out of work, Suzanne's family have all grown and flown and she is enjoying spending time with her two grandchildren, Charlie and Harry.

Suzanne is a walker and spends most of her spare time walking her two dogs with Lindsey and her dogs on the beach and on the moors that Whitby is lucky to be surrounded by.

She too, understands the value of keeping active and pain free and goes the extra mile to achieve that

Karen West

Trainee Assistant Podiatrist

Karen joined the practice in April 2021 and in charge of the administrative duties of running the clinic, in addition to this, she has taken up the opportunity of starting the Assistant Podiatrist training course. When qualified, she would like to specialise in medical nail reconstruction, which will be a very welcome additional treatment package to the practice


Working in a podiatry practice was a relatively easy transition for Karen as prior to her current role, she was a Dental Practice Manager, having already qualified as a Dental Nurse in 2012.

This is quite a natural switch of skills as podiatry and dental practices, run almost identically, from cross infection procedures, instrument sterilisation and practice protocols.

Karen’s previous medical background ensures she understands the importance of looking after your health. When booking patients into the clinic, she is very thorough ,ensuring patients are booked in for the right treatment with the correct practitioner, all emergencies are always taken care of promptly. She always has time for patients and they love chatting to her when waiting for their appointments.

When not at work, Karen’s interests lay in motor racing and regularly takes her nephews to the British touring cars at the local race circuit. Weekly tai chi classes keep her health balanced and she loves to cook.

Latest Insights

What are Chilblains?

Chilblains (also called pernio) are small itchy, red (purple sometimes) swellings on the skin. If not addressed and treated, becomes very painful and can sometimes ulcerate, exposing the foot to the risk of infection.

Why have I got bumps on my heels?

You may have noticed little skin-coloured bumps around your heels, that are more noticeable when standing, they can still be visible when sitting or laying down?

Footpain In Pregnancy

Women go through many complaints throughout their pregnancy, and foot pain can be one of them, unfortunately, it can also get overlooked..

Diabetes And Its Effect On The Lower Limb

Many people may not recognise the complications that may occur if diabetes is not correctly controlled and monitored, with foot problems being amongst the most serious...

Foot Self-Care for Diabetics

As a diabetic, there are many tips and hints to help manage and prevent foot complications occurring due to decreased nerve and or vascular function....

What is Involved in a Diabetic Foot Assessment at the Foothub Whitby?

As a diabetic, it is important that you look after your feet and part of managing your feet properly is to have your feet assessed on a regular basis by a qualified podiatrist...

Podiatrist in a Pandemic

Hello, I am Lindsey a 56-year-old podiatrist and this has been my life in the last couple of years during the pandemic...

Heel pain in children

Over the past few years, the most common problem we see in clinic, involving children, would most definitely be heel pain. This could be present when playing sport, or after participating in other forms of strenuous activity...

Achilles Tendinitis / Tendinosis/ Tendinopathy, which one do I have?

The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscles to the back of the heel, it is considered to be strongest tendon in the body and its movement helps you step up on your toes, run and jump...

Covid Toes

`COVID- toes` is a symptom of contracting Covid-19, it can present in any age group, across all continents and in a full range of skin types. Although it tends to be more common in children and young adults...

Do You Have One leg longer Than The Other?

Uneven leg length is quite common, and often a few millimeters is not going to cause major problem, and probably will go unnoticed. However, for some even a small limb length difference can cause problems in the hips, back and neck...

School Shoes Should be Symmetrical But When Was The Last Time You Checked?

We all know children grow a lot over the school holidays and more often than not you need to buy new uniforms and new school shoes in August before they start in September...

Foot Problems Are Common in Netball and Basketball

In netball and basketball there is a tremendous amount of pressure that is put on the foot, ankle, knees and hips. This can occur at the highest level or even when playing socially...

Acute and Chronic pain in the feet... What's the difference?

Pain is pain… right? Sadly not, pain is a complicated subject but simply put, it can be separated into two categories; Acute and Chronic pain. There is one noticeable difference between the two and that is the amount of time that the pain has been around?

What is shockwave therapy and will it work for me?

Shockwave Therapy has become one of the most effective ways to treat chronic lower limb pain, t was originally developed to treat Kidney Stones (Lithotripsy), as an alternative treatment to surgery...

'Oh No', Heel Pain

This may sound like an odd title, but this is how I refer to the most common foot condition we see in clinic, which is Heel Pain. Did you realise there are over 40 causes of heel pain, the most common one that is known about is Plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the soft tissues on the bottom of the foot...

What is Practice Accreditation and why did we want to achieve it?

The Podiatry profession in the UK is subject to careful monitoring and regulation. These systems are in place to protect the public from sub-standard levels of care, and to ensure that practitioners always know to which standards they should be working to.

How to Reduce Your Injuries by Wearing the Right Trainers

There can be many reasons for this, but a common one we see at Lindsey Ebbs Podiatry is a lack of understanding on what makes one shoe better than another and not knowing when a shoe has passed its used by date and should be replaced.

Pressure plate gait analysis and 3D printed orthotics

Pressure gait analysis gives a detailed insight into the forces impacting on the foot when walking or running. This information allows us to identify areas of the foot that maybe under a higher pressure load which over time can cause pain, injury, fractures and pressure ulcers of the skin.

Shin Splints

At the Foot Hub Whitby, we treat a lot of patients with shin soreness, and it doesn’t matter if they’re a seasoned professional sports person or a weekend warrior.

Is a heel spur the cause of your foot pain?

Perhaps you have been told by a friend, a concerned family member, or a health professional that you have a heel spur but they can only be guessing!

Podosmart Wi-Fi Digitsoles

The insoles are a clever innovative piece of equipment that can quantify the movement of the body with different mobility disorders such as neurological, orthopaedic, age related or sporting injuries...

Marco the M6 MLS Robotic Laser

I have been using a laser in practice for 25 years now and have long realised the great outcomes that can be achieved by them, so after extensively researching the Class 4 MLS laser, which is quite unique to other class 4 lasers in that it doesn’t emit heat, I realised this was the laser I wanted to upgrade to...

Our top tips for preparing to run a marathon

Preparing for a marathon or a half marathon takes dedication and a lot of time, applying these simple tips can make the experience a more positive one...

Ingrowing toenails and how to get rid of them permanently

Many people think they have ingrowing toenails when in fact what they have are involuted (curved) or thickened nails...

Not just a dog - a friend, a confidant, a counsellor and a personal trainer!

Dogs have always been a large part of my life, I have never known a time without a dog from being a small child through to an adult, after having my own children and working full time...

How do we sterilise the instruments we use in clinic

Infection control is something Podiatrists alongside all the medical profession take very seriously. Reducing the transmission of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and fungal infections...

How 'muscle memory' helped my recovery from shoulder surgery

Is muscle memory a thing? Yes, it is! Not that we have mini brains in our muscles as the brain is definitely located in the head! But there is no doubt that our muscles remember movement...

What Is Swift and Why Do We Use It to Treat Verrucae?

Verrucae are caused by infection in the skin from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). They are often harmless and can disappear on their own, but sometimes...

What you wouldn’t expect to see at the end of a Marathon

(from Podiatrists who were at the finish line)

Fascial manipulation of the lower limb. (Stecco Method®)

Fascial is a band or sheet of three-dimensional connective tissue, primarily made of collagen it surrounds every tissue, muscle, tendon, nerves, blood vessels and organs of the body...

5 top tips to prepare your feet for winter

Winter time can be quite harsh on the feet, they go from a warm centrally heated houses to artic conditions outside, which takes...

Plantar Fasciitis

This is the most common heel pain complaint we see in clinic. It is an inflammatory condition of the plantar fascia caused...

Verrucae and Warts

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the cause of warts and verrucae, they can appear anywhere on the skin but are mostly seen...

Melanomas on the feet and legs

Most people wouldn’t really think of a melanoma on the feet and legs, but they do present there...

Core stability and Podiatry

Core Stability is a medical description establishing the ability of a person to control the movement...

Frequently asked questions

Are Podiatrists Foot Doctors or Foot Docs

In the UK, the answer is NO - Only a Medical Doctor with the letters MBBS, MBCHB after their name or someone who has a Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D can call themselves a `Doctor`. Podiatric surgeons are Podiatrists that have gone on to qualify as surgeons who specialise in foot surgery, they work within the NHS and Private practice.

Do I need to make an appointment

Yes, usually and appointments can be offered that week, unless holidays/illness cause a delay.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral

No, but a Doctor may refer you for a treatment.

What to expect on your first appointment

The appointment will last 30 minutes. A comprehensive medical history will be taken and depending on the problem presenting the Podiatrist will be able to complete a normal treatment of Nails cutting, callus, corns and verruca, however if the treatment needs more time ie Laser, Biomechanical Assessment, Microwave, Diabetic/vascular assessment, the podiatrist will rebook a more time appropriate appointment.

Please bring an up to date prescription list if the medical history form (Link) has not been completed online prior to the appointment, as medical practitioners it is very important that we know this information before a treatment plan is made. We will often contact the GP informing them of our treatment plan or for a referral.

Will my Private Medical Insurance cover me for a treatment

Some firms will give the full amount but most pay a half of the treatment cost. Please check with your provider, receipts are provided if requested.

What is the difference between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist

None at all now, Podiatrist is a modern universal global name.

Is a Foot Health Practitioner a Podiatrist or Chiropodist


How are the instruments cleaned and sterilised before use

The instruments are manually cleaned, ultrasonically cleaned and then autoclaved. All instruments are identifiable and traceable to each patient. Governed by strict practice guidelines by the Society of Podiatrists and Chiropodists.

What do the letters that Podiatrists use mean

DPodM or BSc (Podiatry) Podiatric Medicine- This signifies that the Podiatrist has completed a full three year training course at an approved institution. Originally this was a Diploma in Podiatric medicine –DpodM but was later changed to a degree course- BSc. Please note Dip Pod Med is not the same as DPodM.

SRCh- State Registered Chiropodist. Since July 2003 this title has been disbanded although it is still likely to be used by many Podiatrists for a while as it may still be expected by the general public that a Podiatrist is Fully Qualified. The current form of Registration with the state is given by the HCPC. (For more information go to the link)

MChs, SoCaP or FChs – this means the podiatrist is a member or a fellow of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. A practicing member of this society will have professional indemnity insurance cover. F.C.Pod(S)- is a Podiatrist that has then gone on to train as Podiatric Surgeon

Why are all these letters important

The Podiatry/ Chiropody profession has, over many years tried to “Close the Profession”, which basically means by being called a Podiatrist/Chiropodist you are getting treated by a fully qualified, State Registered Professional with the appropriate training and insurance.

What about Continued Professional Development

Podiatry as with all professions allied to the HCPC have to complete a comprehensive profile of continued learning post initial qualifications otherwise being struck off the register is a reality. This continued learning enables all professions including Podiatry to be up to date with all recent medical advancements and developments.


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Further questions

If you have any further questions regarding treatment please don't hesitate to contact us on the details below.

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